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Branded Leather Wallets for Men - Jafferjees UAE

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  1. Bangkok Wallet
    Bangkok Wallet
    As low as AED120.00
  2. Istanbul Wallet
    Istanbul Wallet
    As low as AED125.00
  3. Sydney Wallet
    Sydney Wallet
    As low as AED130.00
  4. Venice Wallet
    Venice Wallet
    As low as AED130.00
  5. Lisbon Wallet
    Lisbon Wallet
    As low as AED135.00
  6. The Geneva Wallet
    The Geneva Wallet
    As low as AED140.00
  7. Liverpool Wallet
    Liverpool Wallet
    As low as AED145.00
  8. Montreal Wallet
    Montreal Wallet
    As low as AED145.00
  9. Karachi Wallet
    Karachi Wallet
    As low as AED145.00
  10. Avenir Travel Wallet
    Avenir Travel Wallet
    As low as AED150.00
  11. Stockholm Wallet
    Stockholm Wallet
    As low as AED150.00
  12. Lahore Wallet
    Lahore Wallet
    As low as AED155.00

Items 1-12 of 33

Set Descending Direction

Shop The Perfect Wallet For Men For All Occasions

Seeking the ultimate destination for premium men's branded wallets in the vibrant landscapes of Dubai and the UAE? Look no further than Jafferjees UAE. Our exclusive assortment of men's leather wallets showcases unparalleled craftsmanship, meticulously fashioned from the finest quality leather to ensure both enduring durability and undeniable style. Elevate your everyday experience with our opulent range of men's luxury wallets – essential for those who admire the fusion of timeless grace and practicality.

Whether your preference leans towards a classic bifold, a versatile trifold, or the compact efficiency of a cardholder, our diverse collection encompasses an array of designs and colors to satiate your discerning tastes. Immerse yourself in the realm of authentic branded wallets for men, meticulously created to befit any occasion, and perfect as thoughtful gifts for your cherished ones.

Not just limited to physical stores, we extend the delight of shopping by offering you the convenience of browsing and acquiring our impeccable products online. With swift and reliable delivery services, you can access our curated collection of genuine leather wallets for men online, anywhere in the UAE.

Embark on a journey to sophistication by exploring our range. Whether you opt to visit our brick-and-mortar establishments in Dubai or other parts or choose the ease of online shopping, Jafferjees UAE ensures that you infuse your daily routines with a touch of refinement through our exceptional wallet offerings.