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Dinner & Dance

Luxury Leather Accessories for Men & Women in the UAE

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  1. The Geneva Keyring
    The Geneva Keyring
    As low as AED90.00
  2. The Daylily Wallet
    The Daylily Wallet
    As low as AED120.00
  3. The Rosella Lipstick Case
    The Rosella Lipstick Case
    As low as AED120.00
  4. The Iris - Compact Wallet
    The Iris - Compact Wallet
    As low as AED135.00
  5. The Geneva Wallet
    The Geneva Wallet
    As low as AED140.00
  6. Chroma Glow
    Chroma Glow
    As low as AED150.00
  7. Orchid Wallet
    Orchid Wallet
    As low as AED155.00
  8. Birch (Small)
    Birch (Small)
    As low as AED170.00
  9. The Goldenrod
    The Goldenrod
    As low as AED190.00
  10. Duchess (Small)
    Duchess (Small)
    As low as AED190.00
  11. Ludwig Bach Tie pin
    Ludwig Bach Tie pin
    As low as AED200.00
  12. Gold with Burgundy enamel
    Gold with Burgundy enamel
    As low as AED200.00

Items 1-12 of 68

Set Descending Direction

Elevate Your Evening Look with Jafferjees' Dinner & Dance Collection

Jafferjees in Dubai and UAE presents "Dinner & Dance," a collection of stylish and luxurious leather accessories that are perfect for dressing up for a night out. This category features a range of leather accessories for both men and women, including clutches, wallets, belts, and shoes, all crafted with the finest quality leather.

Whether you're heading to a fancy dinner or a night of dancing, these accessories are sure to elevate your style and make you feel confident and sophisticated.

Explore the "Dinner & Dance" collection by Jafferjees and find the perfect accessory to complete your outfit. Shop now and make a statement at your next event.