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Office & Work Desk Accessories in the UAE

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  1. Bookmark
    As low as AED25.00
  2. Rothko Paper Weight
    Rothko Paper Weight
    As low as AED80.00
  3. Caravaggio Card Holder
    Caravaggio Card Holder
    As low as AED95.00
  4. Manet Pen Holder
    Manet Pen Holder
    As low as AED110.00
  5. Note Book
    Note Book
    As low as AED125.00
  6. OKeeffe Paper Dispenser
    OKeeffe Paper Dispenser
    As low as AED135.00
  7. Van Gogh Notepad
    Van Gogh Notepad
    As low as AED160.00
  8. Mondrian Leather Coasters
    Mondrian Leather Coasters
    As low as AED200.00
  9. Leather Bound Spiral
    Leather Bound Spiral
    As low as AED225.00
  10. Titian Accessory Box
    Titian Accessory Box
    As low as AED240.00
  11. Dali­ Tissue Box
    Dali­ Tissue Box
    As low as AED240.00
  12. Kandinsky Document Tray
    Kandinsky Document Tray
    As low as AED245.00

Items 1-12 of 33

Set Descending Direction

Upgrade Your Office Essentials with Jafferjees' Leather Accessories for Work in the UAE

Enhance your workspace with Jafferjees' exquisite collection of leather office and work desk accessories in the UAE. Designed to elevate both style and functionality, our range offers a perfect blend of craftsmanship and sophistication.

From leather desk pads and organizers to pen holders and document trays, each piece is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials. Experience the luxury of our leather accessories that effortlessly complement your professional environment.  With their timeless appeal and attention to detail, our products are a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Elevate your workspace with Jafferjees' premium leather office and work desk accessories. Browse our collection and shop now!