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Mens Leather Belts in Dubai & the UAE by Jafferjees

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  1. Phoenix Travel Pouch
    Phoenix Travel Pouch
    As low as AED200.00
  2. The Sutri Belt
    The Sutri Belt
    As low as AED300.00
  3. The Bracciano Belt
    The Bracciano Belt
    As low as AED330.00
  4. The Viterbo Belt
    The Viterbo Belt
    As low as AED340.00
  5. The Tarano Belt
    The Tarano Belt
    As low as AED370.00
  6. The Ariccia Belt
    The Ariccia Belt
    As low as AED400.00
  7. The Lanuvio Belt
    The Lanuvio Belt
    As low as AED400.00

7 Items

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Complete Your Look with Jafferjees' Leather Belts for Men in Dubai and UAE

Jafferjees offers a range of high-quality leather belts for men in Dubai and the UAE. Made from premium leather, these branded belts are a must-have leather accessory for any stylish man. With a range of designs and colors, Jafferjees' leather belts for men are perfect for any occasion.

If you are someone looking for branded belts for men in Dubai or UAE,  we are here to help you. Our leather belts in Dubai and UAE are not only stylish but also durable, making them a valuable addition to any wardrobe. Visit Jafferjees' website now to explore their collection of leather belts for men and order your favorite one today.