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At Jafferjees, our philosophy is simple – to design and develop luxurious high-quality leather goods.

Leather is a natural product. Imperfections, such as wrinkles, irregularities in color, or in the grains are not defects instead show the genuineness of the material. To preserve your leather accessories, we suggest the following simple guidelines:

  • keep your leather products out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.
  • avoid direct contact with alcohol-based products at all times.
  • always secure your pens with caps to avoid unwanted ink stains.
  • since leather is a natural skin, it can stretch. Avoid stuffing your bags and wallets. It will help to maintain the original shape.
  • occasionally wipe dust with a dry soft cloth. Never use water or wash your leather products.
  • when not in use, store leather products properly in the cloth bag provided with your purchase.
  • And as a natural product, leather can also dry if not moisturized from time to time. You can always bring your Jafferjees product to any of our stores for polishing and restoration for a small fee.