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Out to Brunch

Personalized Leather Accessories in the UAE

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  1. Naples Key Ring
    Naples Key Ring
    As low as AED35.00
  2. Paris Keyring
    Paris Keyring
    As low as AED35.00
  3. Venice Keyring
    Venice Keyring
    As low as AED35.00
  4. Quetta Keyring
    Quetta Keyring
    As low as AED50.00
  5. Cairo Keyring
    Cairo Keyring
    As low as AED65.00
  6. Singapore Keyring
    Singapore Keyring
    As low as AED90.00
  7. Lahore Keyring
    Lahore Keyring
    As low as AED90.00
  8. Chroma Vivid
    Chroma Vivid
    As low as AED100.00
  9. The Rosella Lipstick Case
    The Rosella Lipstick Case
    As low as AED120.00
  10. The Lilac
    The Lilac
    As low as AED120.00
  11. Bangkok Wallet
    Bangkok Wallet
    As low as AED120.00
  12. Istanbul Wallet
    Istanbul Wallet
    As low as AED125.00

Items 1-12 of 81

Set Descending Direction

Brunch in Style with Jafferjees' Leather Accessories in Dubai & UAE

Jafferjees in Dubai and UAE presents "Out to Brunch," a collection that includes stylish and versatile leather accessories that are perfect for a casual weekend brunch. This category features a range of leather accessories for both men and women, including bags, wallets, and belts, all crafted with the finest quality leather.

The accessories are designed to be both functional and fashionable, providing you with the perfect complement to your casual brunch attire. Whether you're heading out with friends or spending time with family, the "Out to Brunch" collection by Jafferjees has something for everyone.

Shop now and make your weekend brunches even more enjoyable with these chic leather accessories.