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Genuine Leather Accessories in the UAE by Jafferjees

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  1. Naples Key Ring
    Naples Key Ring
    As low as AED35.00
  2. The Morning Glory Keyring
    The Morning Glory Keyring
    As low as AED40.00
  3. The Geneva Keyring
    The Geneva Keyring
    As low as AED90.00
  4. The Daylily Wallet
    The Daylily Wallet
    As low as AED120.00
  5. The Lilac
    The Lilac
    As low as AED120.00
  6. Bangkok Wallet
    Bangkok Wallet
    As low as AED120.00
  7. Istanbul Wallet
    Istanbul Wallet
    As low as AED125.00
  8. Sydney Wallet
    Sydney Wallet
    As low as AED130.00
  9. Venice Wallet
    Venice Wallet
    As low as AED130.00
  10. Lisbon Wallet
    Lisbon Wallet
    As low as AED135.00
  11. The Geneva Wallet
    The Geneva Wallet
    As low as AED140.00
  12. The Morina
    The Morina
    As low as AED140.00

Items 1-12 of 92

Set Descending Direction

Embrace Luxury with Jafferjees' Signature Design Leather Goods

Jafferjees' Signature Design collection boasts an impressive range of leather products for men and women, crafted with the finest quality leather and unique design elements. The collection offers a range of leather products, from handbags and wallets to briefcases and laptop bags, all featuring Jafferjees' signature design.

Our signature design elements are inspired by the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan, with intricate patterns and details that make each product a true work of art. The collection offers a range of colors and styles to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect piece to match your unique style.

Explore Jafferjees' Signature Design collection and indulge in the luxury of high-quality leather products that are both functional and beautiful.