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Branded Leather Handbags For Women - Jafferjees UAE

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  1. Begonia Cross Body Bag
    Begonia Cross Body Bag
    As low as AED310.00
  2. The Dahlia Handbag
    The Dahlia Handbag
    As low as AED350.00
  3. The Canna Clutch
    The Canna Clutch
    As low as AED395.00
  4. The Amaryllis Handbag
    The Amaryllis Handbag
    As low as AED400.00
  5. The Baby's Breath Bag
    The Baby's Breath Bag
    As low as AED425.00
  6. Acacia Bag
    Acacia Bag
    As low as AED440.00
  7. The Aster Bag
    The Aster Bag
    As low as AED490.00
  8. Chroma Fusion
    Chroma Fusion
    As low as AED500.00
  9. The White Rose Bag
    The White Rose Bag
    As low as AED500.00
  10. Willow Bag
    Willow Bag
    As low as AED500.00
  11. The Petunia Crossbody Bag
    The Petunia Crossbody Bag
    As low as AED500.00
  12. The Oleander Handbag
    The Oleander Handbag
    As low as AED515.00

Items 1-12 of 45

Set Descending Direction

Unleash Your Elegance with Leather Handbags for Women by Jafferjees

In the realm of women's fashion, handbags emerge as indispensable accessories capable of harmonizing with any ensemble. Amidst the diverse array of ladies' handbags adorning the landscape of Dubai, our collection of branded handbags commands attention with its distinct blend of quality and sophistication.

Jafferjees proudly presents an extensive assortment of women's handbags, meticulously crafted from premium leather that not only exudes style but also boasts exceptional durability. From graceful shoulder bags to versatile tote bags, chic cross-body options to elegant clutches, our array caters to every conceivable occasion and attire.

What truly distinguishes Jafferjees is the unwavering commitment to detail and artistry imbued within each leather handbag we offer. A symphony of colors and textures awaits your selection, ensuring that every discerning taste finds its perfect match. With an emphasis on longevity and elegance, our selection of leather handbags for women stands as an embodiment of timeless charm.

Experience the allure of Jafferjees' offerings firsthand. Whether you're strolling through our physical stores in Dubai or any part of the UAE, or indulging in the convenience of online shopping, we assure you the opportunity to enhance your style with our impeccable leather handbags. Our dedication extends beyond fashion – it's about curating an accessory that becomes an extension of your identity. With seamless delivery services, we ensure that the allure of Jafferjees' leather handbags can be embraced anywhere within the UAE.