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Jafferjees' Leather Luggage Bags & Carryons in Dubai & the UAE

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  1. GRU Crossbody Bag
    GRU Crossbody Bag
    As low as AED520.00
  2. LHE Carryall
    LHE Carryall
    As low as AED1,260.00
  3. KHI Trolley Bag
    KHI Trolley Bag
    As low as AED1,280.00
  4. LCY Trolley Bag
    LCY Trolley Bag
    As low as AED1,900.00
  5. ISB Duffel Bag
    ISB Duffel Bag
    As low as AED2,500.00
  6. YYZ Trolley Bag
    Out of Stock
    YYZ Trolley Bag

6 Items

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Premium Quality Luggage Bags by Jafferjees in Dubai and the UAE

Jafferjees has established a strong presence in Dubai and the UAE, offering a diverse range of luggage bags that cater to the needs of all types of travelers. With our focus on quality and craftsmanship, we have become a preferred choice for those who are looking for premium luggage bags.

Whether you need a sturdy leather luggage bag for a business trip or a travel bag for luggage for a vacation, Jafferjees UAE has the perfect product for you. The convenience of shopping for luggage bags online or in-store makes Jafferjees a popular choice among travelers in Dubai and the UAE. Choose Jafferjees for the ultimate travel experience.