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Structured For Work

Office & Work Accessories in the UAE

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  1. Bookmark
    As low as AED25.00
  2. The Morning Glory Keyring
    The Morning Glory Keyring
    As low as AED40.00
  3. Edinburgh Card Case
    Edinburgh Card Case
    As low as AED70.00
  4. Rothko Paper Weight
    Rothko Paper Weight
    As low as AED80.00
  5. Paris Card Case
    Paris Card Case
    As low as AED80.00
  6. Philadelphia Card Case
    Philadelphia Card Case
    As low as AED85.00
  7. Shanghai Card Case
    Shanghai Card Case
    As low as AED85.00
  8. Venice Card Case
    Venice Card Case
    As low as AED85.00
  9. Quetta Card Case
    Quetta Card Case
    As low as AED85.00
  10. Karachi Card Case
    Karachi Card Case
    As low as AED85.00
  11. Caravaggio Card Holder
    Caravaggio Card Holder
    As low as AED95.00
  12. Manet Pen Holder
    Manet Pen Holder
    As low as AED110.00

Items 1-12 of 46

Set Descending Direction

Maximize Your Productivity With Jafferjees Office Accessories in Dubai

If you're a working professional, you know how important it is to have the right tools to help you stay organized and productive. Jafferjees in Dubai and UAE has introduced a category called "Structured for Work" that provides all the accessories you need to create a productive work environment. This category includes a wide range of office desk accessories, such as notebook covers, document holders, pen holders, and some lether accessories like laptop bags, office bags, and card cases.

These accessories are designed to help you carry your work essentials in style and comfort and to protect your valuable devices from damage. Whether you're a working man or a woman, the "Structured for Work" category by Jafferjees in Dubai & UAE has something for you. Shop now and elevate your work game to the next level!